About JLIB

JLIB’s vision is for Jersey’s legal system to be, and be recognised as, the global best for a small jurisdiction. It aims to:


• make the law and legal processes more accessible

• promote the better co-ordination of Jersey’s justice system

• support Jersey’s position as a leading business centre

JLIB launched its original website in November 1999, since when it has been progressively developed and enhanced. The JLIB website publishes one of the most comprehensive collections of legal material of any small jurisdiction, and I believe that it remains the envy of many other countries. It receives nearly two million page views per year from all around the world. JLIB has assisted, and is glad to continue to do what it can to assist, other small jurisdictions to establish a similar public service in the interests of international comity. JLIB also supports and participates in the free access to law movement.

The website includes all Laws in Force and Revised Laws, the Jersey Law Reports (in addition the Jersey Judgments are gradually being added), the Unreported Judgments of the Jersey courts from 1997 to date, and Practice Directions of the Royal Court. A relatively new feature is that of Annotated Laws, statute-annotated and hyperlinked to relevant case law. You will also find the current version of the Royal Court Rules, the Jersey and Guernsey Law Review, and a law student advice section. A library of some 60 books comprising Norman customary law, civil law texts and authorities relevant to the law of Jersey is available, providing a wonderful resource for practitioners and students alike, whilst importantly, preserving the originals.

The website is constantly evolving and early in 2011 a new Home Page was introduced which enabled the use of social media and brought JLIB within the reach of an even wider audience. Latterly work has begun to provide the community with more comprehensive guidance by establishing a partnership with the Citizens Advice Bureau, combining efforts to provide the best service for the people of Jersey.

See www.jerseylaw.je